Appraisal Info

While the profession of appraising has become extremely complex and competitive, our expertise and respect for the business remains unchallenged. Our services are regularly sought out by major banks, law firms, insurance companies, and museums.


We provide a comprehensive, formal document with every item catalogued, valued, and accurately described to allow for comparison within the market. Pook & Pook, Inc.’s thorough appraisals are accepted by major insurance companies, banks, law firms, and the Internal Revenue Service.


All appraisals are completed and billed based upon an hourly fee structure, never upon the values assigned to your property.


Valuations of personal property may be completed for the following purposes: Insurance Coverage, Estate or Inheritance Taxes, Family Division, and Charitable Contribution.

For more information regarding appraisal services, please call for a confidential consultation with one of our professional staff at 610-269-4040.






Our Appraisers

James M. Pook (

Mr. James M. Pook has current appraisal experience in a wide variety of fields with areas of specialization including 18th and 19th century American furniture, fine art, folk art, and oriental carpets. Mr. Pook studied economics at Colby College in Maine. Mr. Pook has been engaged in the antique business since 1998 and appraising since 2002. He is also a licensed auctioneer in the state of Pennsylvania.

Jamie A. Shearer (

Mr. Jamie A. Shearer has current appraisal experience with areas of specialization in American furniture, textiles, ceramics and other decorative arts, as well as antique firearms, bladed weapons and antiques toys. Mr. Shearer has been engaged in the antique business since 1980 and cataloguing and appraising with auction houses since 1994. Mr. Shearer is an apprentice auctioneer in the state of Pennsylvania.